News release from VIATEC
Poznań, 24 April 2018


VIATEC became the Member of the Polish Wind Energy Association.

We are pleased to inform that on 20 April 2018, our Company has joined the Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA).

PWEA is an association of the leading companies active on the wind energy market in Poland: investors, developers, turbine and component manufacturers, both from Poland and abroad ( ).
PWEA is an organisation supporting and promoting the development of wind energy, whose purpose, pursued through joint activity of its members, is to create advantageous conditions for investment in wind energy in Poland and to systematically increase the use of wind energy as a clean source of electricity.

We kick-started our membership with support for campaign for the RES Act update.
We truly believe that the transition toward renewables in Poland provides unique chance to reap fruit of the whole value chain working both for on-shore and offshore wind power.

Feel free to join the RES Act update support campaign and demonstrate your commitment at .



News release from VIATEC
Poznań, 5 February 2018


VIATEC joining the top of the league of high-growth companies in Poland.


“I am proud to announce that as result of our joint and long-term efforts VIATEC joined the elite club of high-growth companies.
In the 2017 edition of the “Gazelles of Business” that have been prepared by “Puls Biznesu”, Polish Development Fund and Coface, VIATEC has been ranked as No. 1 among high-growth companies in the lubuskie region. Even more inspiring is that in the national ranking of fast growing companies VIATEC has been ranked at No. 10. That sends a strong and convincing message to our business partners that VIATEC is a dynamic organization with strong fundamentals and very encouraging outlook “ stated Andrzej Walkosz, President of the Management Board.

“ We are determined to further contribute to the sustainable growth of wind power industry increasing scope and scale of our services” said Maciej Kaźmierski, Vice-President of the Management Board.

“Gazelles of Business” is the most popular and oldest ranking combination of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises. The project is implemented by economic dailies part of the Bonnier publishing group. In Poland, the ranking has been prepared by the daily “Puls Biznesu”, since 2000. Similar comparisons are made by its counterparts from Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Slovenia. The selection criteria for Gazelles in individual countries are adapted to local economic conditions, but the goal is the same everywhere: promoting high growth small and medium-sized enterprises.

If you would like to know the methodology behind “Gazelles of Business”, please visit:
If you would like to explore ranking in full, please visit:

For more information, please contact:


VIATEC is a committed provider of top-quality construction related services for the wind energy sector.
We are a trusted partner of wind turbine manufacturers and project developers, delivering tailored solutions for our customers. VIATEC is contributing at each stage of value chain acting from integrated contractor to specialized assignments where proven track-record is key competence.

We invite you to learn more about VIATEC by visiting our website at: and following us on our social media channels.



Company Announcement, 28 July 2016.


Dear Friends,

The changes in our industry seem to accelerate in very fast pace, in order to keep up, company Viatec has made Yet another step forward in development.
We have added Crane division to our portfolio and are able to provide crane services to our customers.
We in operations sector of Viatec believe this to be the right direction since this is the growing need in the business that we are in.
At the same time I would like to Thank all people that made it possible – starting with our Technicians through Office staff and finishing in Management department.

Andrzej Walkosz CEO.


Company Announcement, 17 May 2016.


Szanowni Państwo,

Niniejszym informujemy, iż z dniem 13 maja 2016r. Spółka VIATEC Sp. z o.o. zmieniła adres siedziby. Nowy adres to:

VIATEC Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Dekoracyjna 8
65-155 Zielona Góra
NIP: PL 927-193-34-41

Numery telefonów oraz adresy email pozostają bez zmian.
Uprzejmie prosimy o uwzględnienie powyższej zmiany w kierowanych do nas dokumentach oraz wystawianych fakturach.

Z poważaniem,

Zarząd VIATEC Sp. z o.o.
Andrzej Walkosz

Dear All,

This letter is to notify you that we have moved to a new place of residence on May 13, 2016.
Therefore, please change the information in your records and send all future communications to our new address:

Viatec Sp. z o.o.
ul. Dekoracyjna 8,
65-155 Zielona Góra
NIP: PL927-193-34-41

Once your records are updated, please send us quick confirmation to let us know.
All phone numbers and email addresses remain the same.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Best Regards,

Member of the Board VIATEC Sp. z o. o.
Andrzej Walkosz


Company Announcement, 26 February 2016.


VIATEC supports the activities of children, promoting active, healthy life. We are a proud sponsor of UKS Świt Szaflary.




Company Announcement, 31 March 2015.


Change in the shareholders structure.

Following our announcements on strategic initiatives, VIATEC is pleased to inform that National Court Register approved changes in the Company shareholders structure. As a result, 100% of Company capital and votes holds Mr. Andrzej Walkosz.

The change comes as a strategic decision to unify priorities and plans of top management and key technical personnel under strong ownership structure.

“I am convinced that one vison and closer alignment of interest of the Company with stakeholders will contribute to better strategic management and operational excellence. We have everything that is necessary to achieve our goals.” – said Andrzej Walkosz.

For more information, please contact: